How To Renew Your Hawaii Drivers License

Do you need to renew your Hawaii drivers license? We've collected helpful information to assist you with everything you need to renew a drivers license in Hawaii. Select from the options below to get started.

1: Get Started with Online Application Services

Online application assistance can simplify the process for many DMV related services for a fee, including: renewing your license, applying for a license, registering a vehicle, replacing your license, changing your address and more. In addition to the free forms and general instructions available from the DMV offices or websites, you will receive value added products such as a comprehensive Easy Guide™ containing information relevant to your service needs. Where possible, we will prepare your DMV forms and/or provide links to DMV online services. You will also receive 30 days of both emergency Roadside Assistance and the Repair Assist consultation service from Road America. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of a free membership to DMV Advisors, a state-specific help desk prepared to answer any driver-related questions or concerns you may have. Other benefits include an ongoing monthly newsletter and a quarterly magazine covering important updates that affect drivers, important safety tips, trends, legislative updates and ways to save money on vehicle-related services.

2: By mail, if eligible (read below for instructions)

Some drivers prefer to handle the renewal process by mail, rather than taking advantage of assistance services, visiting the DMV in person, or via available online services. Service by mail is available with limitations. Read below for additional details or visit your local DMV.

3: Via a local DMV office

If you prefer to access DMV services in person or your specific needs require an in-person visit, most, if not all, driver license services can be handled at a physical DMV office location. Varying DMV offices sometimes supply different types of services so you will need to check before your visit to make sure the DMV closest to you provides the service you require. In addition, you can call to see if your local DMV allows you to make a personal appointment. Read more below to see if an in-person visit is either preferred or required.


Hawaii Drivers License Renewal

Are you looking to renew your Hawaii drivers license? Every six years you will need to renew Hawaii driver's licenses, unless you are over the age of 72, in which case it will be every two years. There are two ways to perform Hawaii drivers license renewals: in person, or by mail.

Remember, if your Hawaii drivers license is expired before you remember to renew it, you will be charged a $5 fee every month after the first 90 days.

In Person:

To complete a Hawaii driver's license renewal in person, please visit your county's local DMV office with the following information:

  • Proof of legal presence:
    • Hawaii state ID card with photo
    • United States passport
    • Certified birth certificate
    • Certificate of Citizenship
    • Certificate of Naturalization
    • A U.S. state- or local government-issued Consular Report of Birth Abroad
    • Valid U.S. jurisdiction-issued driver's license, ID or photo learner's permit (it must include your photo)
    • Marriage certificate
    • Civil union certificate
    • Court order for name change
    • Non-U.S. Citizen:
      • Valid foreign passport with appropriate immigration documents
      • Valid DHS/USCIC I-551 Permanent Resident Card issued since 1997
      • Valid DHS/USCIC I-688 Temporary Resident Card
      • Valid DHS/USCIC I-688B, I-766 Employment Authorization Card
    • Military:
      • Valid U.S. Active Duty/Retiree/Reservist Military ID card
      • Valid U.S. Uniform Services ID and Privileges card
      • Valid DOD Common Access Card (CAC)
    • Federal?Valid DHS/TSA Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
  • Current drivers license
  • Appropriate fee

Upon arrival you will be given a vision exam and a Hawaii drivers license renewal application to complete.

By Mail:

To complete a Hawaii drivers license renewal by mail, you must write a letter to your county's main driver's license office that includes your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number

When the driver's license office receives your request, they will issue you a Hawaii drivers license renewal packet, which you will then need to complete and return.

Fees vary depending on your county. For more information on who to contact, visit one of the pages below.

Find Honolulu DMV office locations here

Find Hawaii DMV locations here.

Find Kauai DMV locations here.

Find Maui DMV locations here.


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